“Overgrown” at the James Harris Gallery

I’m proud to announce “Overgrown”, my fifth solo show at
the James Harris Gallery  September 3rd through October 10th.

Opening Reception Thursday Sept. 3rd 6-8pm





Canopies” at Prographica Gallery, a group show that I’m in with Kimberly Clark, Evelyn Woods, and Tamblyn Gawley.

June 27- Aug 22, 2015

Opening June 27 2-4pm



The Diana Project

I will have a large 7.5′ x 9′ drawing at The Alice Gallery  in Seattle, as part of their Diana Project and in concurrence with “Made Personal” a group show featuring, Serrah Russel, Joe Rudko, and Colleen RJC Bratton.

May 9th- June 6th

Opening May 9th 6-9pm



Focus on Paper

December 6, 2014 – January 10, 2015
Opening Reception December 6th 2-4pm.

“Focus on Paper” is a works on paper group show that I am in at
Prographica Gallery.

Artists included in the exhibition are:
Fred Birchman, Joe Crookes, Eric Elliott, John Fadeff, Caroline Kapp, Carolyn Krieg, Phillip Levine, Graham Shutt, Linda Thomas, & Evelyn Woods



The Still Life Show

“The Still Life Show”
January 18 – February 15, 2014
Artists included in the exhibition are:
Fred Birchman, Brian Blackham, Eric Elliott, Dean Fisher, Matt Klos

My time in Jerusalem

My fiancée and I have created a blog to share our experiences in Jerusalem while I’m at my residency at the Jerusalem Studio School. Check it out: seattletojerusalem

The Old City, Jerusalem

The Old City, Jerusalem

Off to Jerusalem

With my Kickstarter funded, I will be leaving soon for Jerusalem. I’ve been interested in the work coming out of the Jerusalem Studio School for a while, so I put together my own self directed residency to go study there and learn some new things about painting. I will be there for about 9 months studying painting, drawing and art in the Middle East. Stay tuned to see how this exciting adventure will change my work!